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"Incredibly useful and relevant... a key revision tool for independent learning."

Lorraine Bird, previous eRevision customer

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Exercise types have been carefully selected to suit the nature of each subject and subtopic.
All exercises provide instant feedback, making eRevision a superb tool for independent learning and revision.
A '3-try' system challenges students to engage with the Q&As and improves learning.


eRevision lets you map your route to structured learning and exam success

Use eRevision's intuitive progress tracker to keep tabs on student's exam preparation.
It stores the results of every exercise completed! Automatic progress reports!
Teacher reports showing whole class and individual student progress are easily accessible - providing you with vital information on where they can improve.

"Amazing! It is an excellent way of tracking learner's progress... All your homework set and marked!"

Peter Knowles, previous eRevision customer

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"Excellent! Easy to use, colourful and comprehensive."

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