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Designed to motivate students and boost exam success. How? Varied, engaging actvities and exam-style questions, based on the new GCSE, BTEC, OCR Nationals and A Level specification requirements. With immediate feedback, progress tracking, different challenge levels and more. Created by the experienced subject specialists who write high-quality learning, practice and revision for UK schools.

"My dept achieved the highest marks in the school and I believe we are in the top 5% nationally... eRevision, along with the ZigZag lesson plans, helped the staff and students attain such impressive results"
- S Ravendran, Head of Media & Subscriber

"I love the fact that it encourages independence and it is in my mind a key revision tool for independent learning."
- L Bird, Head of Department & Peer Reviewer

Available Packages
A Level French AQA (7652) A Level Biology AQA (7402) A Level Biology OCR (H420) A Level Edexcel Economics B 2020: Risk&Uncertainty A Level Physics AQA (7408) A Level Physics OCR (H556) A Level Spanish AQA (7692) BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia Level 1/2 GCSE AQA Biology (Higher) (8461) GCSE AQA Chemistry (8462) GCSE AQA Combined Science: Trilogy (8464) GCSE AQA Physics (8463) GCSE Computer Science OCR GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition AQA (8585) GCSE French AQA (8658) GCSE Geography AQA (8035) GCSE German AQA (8668) GCSE Media Studies AQA (8572) GCSE Media Studies Eduqas (C680QS) GCSE Physical Education AQA (8582) GCSE Physical Education OCR (J587) GCSE RS AQA A Component 1: Christianity GCSE RS AQA A Component 1: Islam GCSE RS AQA A Component 2: Themes A–F GCSE Spanish AQA (8698) Student Test Package