A Level Geography Edexcel (9GE0)

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Physical Geography
Topic 1: Tectonic Processes and Hazards
EQ1: Why are some locations more at risk from tectonic hazards?
EQ2: Why do some tectonic hazards develop into disasters?
Paper 1: Section A: Exam Practice (1)
EQ3: How successful is the management of tectonic hazards and disasters?
Paper 1: Section A: Exam Practice (2)
Topic 2, Option 2B: Coastal Landscapes and Change
EQ1: Why are coastal landscapes different? What processes cause the differences?
Paper 1: Section B: Exam Practice (1)
EQ2: How do characteristic coastal landforms contribute to coastal landscapes?
Paper 1: Section B: Exam Practice (2)
EQ3: Coastal erosion & sea level change alter physical characteristics & risk
EQ4: How can coastlines be managed to meet the needs of all players?
Topic 5: The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
EQ1: What are the processes in the hydrological cycle, from global to local?
EQ2: What factors influence the hydrological system over the short & long term?
EQ3: Why is water insecurity becoming such a global issue for the C21st?
Topic 6: The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security
Paper 1: Section C: Exam Practice (1)
Paper 1: Section C: Exam Practice (2)
EQ1: How does the carbon cycle operate to maintain planetary health?
EQ2: The consequences for people and environment of our increasing energy demand
EQ3: How are the carbon and water cycles linked to the global climate system?
Human Geography
Topic 3: Globalisation
EQ1: What causes globalisation, and why has it accelerated in recent decades?
EQ2: Impacts of globalisation on countries, people, cultures and the environment
EQ3: Consequences for development and environment > player responses
Paper 2: Section A: Exam Practice (1)
Paper 2: Section A: Exam Practice (2)
Topic 4, Option 4A: Regenerating Places
EQ1: How and why do places vary? [Case Study: Local and Contrasting Place]
EQ2: Why might regeneration be needed?
EQ3: How is regeneration managed?
EQ4: How successful is regeneration?
Paper 2: Section B: Exam Practice (1)
Paper 2: Section B: Exam Practice (2)
Topic 7: Superpowers
EQ1: What are superpowers and how have they changed over time?
EQ2: Impacts of superpowers: global economy, political systems & the environment
EQ3: Spheres of influence are contested by superpowers, which has implications
Paper 2: Section A: Exam Practice (1)
Paper 2: Section A: Exam Practice (2)
Topic 8, Option 8A: Option 8A: Health, Human Rights and Intervention
EQ1: What is human development, and why do levels vary from place to place?
EQ2: Why do human rights vary from place to place?
EQ3: What are human rights arguments for political/military intervention?
EQ4: Outcomes of geopolitical interventions: human development and human rights
Paper 2: Section C: Exam Practice (1)
Paper 2: Section C: Exam Practice (2)
Topic 8, Option 8B: Migration, Identity and Sovereignty
EQ1: What are the impacts of globalisation on international migration?
EQ2: How are nation states defined; how have they evolved in a globalising world
EQ3: The impacts of global organisations on managing global issues and conflicts
EQ4: What are the threats to national sovereignty in a more globalised world?
Paper 2: Section C: Exam Practice (1)
Paper 2: Section C: Exam Practice (2)


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