GCSE RS Edexcel B Area 1: Islam

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Papers 1/2/3: Beliefs and Living the Religious Life
Living the Religious Life
Ten Obligatory Acts of Shi’a Islam
Shahadah as one of the Five Pillars
Salah as one of the Five Pillars
Zakah as one of the Five Pillars and Khums
Hajj as one of the Five Pillars
Paper 1: Marriage and Family and Matters of Life and Death
Marriage and the Family
The importance and purpose of marriage in Islam
Muslim teaching about the importance of sexual relationships
Muslim teaching about the purpose and importance of the family
Support for the family in the ummah
Muslim teaching on contraception
Muslim teaching about divorce
Muslim teaching about the equality of men and women in the family
Muslim teachings about gender prejudice and discrimination
Matters of Life and Death
Muslim teachings about origins and value of the universe
Muslim teachings about the sanctity of life
Response to scientific and non-religious explanations about the origins of life
Muslim teachings about the value and sanctity of life for the issue of abortion
Muslim responses to the existence of death and the afterlife
Muslim responses to non-religious arguments against life after death
Teachings about the value and sanctity of life for the issue of euthanasia
Muslim responses to issues in the natural world
Paper 2: Crime and Punishment and Peace and Conflict
Crime and Punishment
Muslim attitudes towards justice
Muslim teachings about good, evil and suffering
Muslim attitudes towards punishment
Muslim attitudes towards the aims of punishment
Muslim teachings about forgiveness
Muslim teachings about the treatment of criminals
Muslim attitudes towards the death penalty
Paper 3: Philosophy of Religion and Equality
Philosophy of Religion
Revelation as proof of the existence of Allah
Visions as proof of the existence of Allah
Miracles as proof of the existence of Allah
Muslim attitudes towards religious experiences
Issues raised by existence of suffering
Different solutions offered to the problem of suffering
Muslim teaching on human rights
Muslim attitudes towards equality
Muslim attitudes towards religious freedom
Muslim attitudes to prejudice and discrimination
Muslim attitudes towards racial harmony
Muslim teachings and attitudes towards racial discrimination
Muslim attitudes to social justice
Muslim attitudes towards wealth and poverty


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