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The six beliefs of Islam Categorise

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Muslims believe that all human beings have free will
Muslims believe that all human beings have absolute free will
Muslims believe that prayer can be a good way to deal with suffering and evil, by refocusing on Allah
Muslims believe that free will explains natural evil
Muslims believe in fitrah – the inner moral code which all humans have
Muslims believe that Allah sends suffering so you remember how lucky you are, so you shouldn't feel bad for the suffering you have
Muslims believe that sometimes Allah may cause suffering in your life in order to test your faith
Muslims believe evil and suffering is always the will of Allah, to punish people for their sins in this life
Muslims believe that they can use their choices in life to ease the suffering of others, as they follow the Sunnah and the Qur'an
Muslims believe that suffering can be caused by Shaytan, the devil, who Muhammad stated tries to lure Muslims off the righteous path of faith

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