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The Six Articles and Five Roots Typeit

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Generally speaking there are two main groups of Muslims: these are known as Muslims and Muslims. They are divided historically due to their differing beliefs regarding who should have the Prophet upon his death. They share many of the same central but there are differences in the way they are understood. There are Six Articles of in Sunni Islam, whereas in Islam there are Five of , which roughly translated means the "foundations of ". There are some beliefs between the two groups of Muslims, such as the belief in the of Allah. Also, while some values do not appear on both lists, this does not necessarily mean they are not important to both branches of Islam. For example, Al-Ma'ad in Shi'a Islam is still important to Sunni Muslims, who still believe in the importance of the on Judgement Day. Others are emphatically different, however; for example the concept of is only important in Shi'a Islam, as the leaders are referred to as in Sunni Islam. These principles affect the lives of all Muslims, regardless of which branch of Islam they belong to.

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