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Polymers, carbohydrates and lipids Typeit

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Possible Answers: 'maltose', 'ester', 'water', 'monomers', 'condensation', 'lipids', 'phosphate', 'ethanol', 'monosaccharides', 'hydrolysis', 'glycerol', 'Glycogen', 'glycosidic', 'Carbohydrates', 'emulsion'

Polymers are molecules formed when several small units called join together. This often happens via reactions, in which is eliminated. The opposite of this kind of reaction is called a reaction.

, otherwise known as polysaccharides, are formed from individual sugar molecules known generally as . Two of these can join together to form a bond; for example, two molecules of glucose form a disaccharide called . is a carbohydrate used to store energy in animals, whereas starch and cellulose are used in plants.

Triglycerides and phospholipids are two types of . Triglycerides are made when one molecule of binds to three fatty acids via bonds. One of the fatty acids is replaced with a group containing in phospholipids. Triglycerides and phospholipids can both be detected using the test, in which a cloudy white suspension will form when and water are added to the sample.

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