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Drag and drop the boxes into the correct order.


  • Simon voices his disbelief in the Beast.
  • Ralph cries, thinking of Piggy.
  • The dead parachutist descends from above.
  • Ralph takes cover in a thicket of ferns.
  • Jack and his followers raid the others' camp for fire.
  • Jack's tribe steal Piggy's broken glasses.
  • Jack calls an assembly for a new chief.
  • The parachutist descends into the sea.
  • Jack breaks Piggy's glasses.
  • Jack impales the sow's head in the ground.
  • Ralph destroys the Lord of the Flies.
  • Jack orders the choir to build a pile of logs.
  • Simon, Ralph and Jack climb the mountain.
  • Jack's tribe kill Simon.
  • Piggy and Ralph disagree about Simon's death.

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