OCR Cambridge Nationals (Level 1/2): Sport Studies (J829: Unit R184)

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R184: Contemporary Issues in Sport
Topic Area 1: Issues affecting participation in sport
1.1–1.3 Gender
1.1–1.3 Barriers to user groups (different ethnic groups)
1.1–1.3 Barriers to user groups (people with disabilities)
1.1–1.3 Barriers to user groups (unemployed / economically disadvantaged)
1.1–1.3 Barriers to user groups (young children and teenagers)
1.1–1.3 Barriers to user groups (carers, parents and families with children)
1.1–1.3 Barriers to user groups (people who work and have family commitments)
1.1–1.3 Barriers to user groups (over 60s)
1.4–1.5 Factors influencing the popularity of sport in the UK
Topic Area 2: Role of sport in promoting values
2.4 Sporting behaviour and etiquette
2.5 Performance-enhancing drugs in sport
Topic Area 3: The implications of hosting major sporting events
3.1–3.3 Major sporting events: features and their positive and negative aspects
Topic Area 4: The role of national governing bodies (NGBs)
Topic Area 5: The use of technology in sport
5.1–5.2 The role of technology and its positive and negative effects in sport


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