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1.1 Types of design tools MatchUp

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Project management software
Clarifying the features of an interface before developing
Word processing software
Desktop publishing (DTP) software
Flow chart
Mind map
Visualisation diagram
Software that allows data from other software tools to be combined (e.g. text from a word-processing file and data from a spreadsheet)
Visual representation of series of inputs, processes and outputs of a project
Visualisation that shows the main objective and branches off into each of the sub-objectives and the tasks that need to be carried out to complete them
An aim set for the system to be able to accomplish
Collection of software tools used to aid project planning (e.g. by identifying the project's critical path)
Visual representation of how the final product will look
Software that allows text to be easily manipulated and displayed
Creating a blueprint of how the project will function
Advantage of using wireframes

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