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Fundamentals of Algorithms MatchUp

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Flow charts
Bubble Sort
Searching algorithms
Time efficiency
Binary search
Trace Table
Linear search
Merge Sort
The process of breaking a problem into sub-problems which form identifiable tasks.
The process of removing unnecessary details from a problem.
A paper-based method used to check that a sequence of steps will produce the correct answer.
A diagrammatical method, using standard symbols to demonstrate the process of problem-solving
Step-by-step processes used to find specific data items in data sets.
Method of searching for a data item in a data set by looking at each individual item in the data set
Method of searching for a data item by dividing a sorted data set.
Algorithm that repeatedly compares and swaps each pair of values in a list.
Algorithm which repeatedly divides a list in half, sorts each half and combines the two back into a single list.
A method of describing an algorithm using a structure that is close to a real programming language
A sequence of steps that can be followed to complete a task or solve a problem.
When two programs are available that can solve the same problem, this is a method evaluating which to choose.

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