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How do climate systems function, change, and cause hazards? (a) MatchUp

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Annual growth pattern of a tree showing the development of wide bands of early (spring) wood and late (summer) wood
From about 950 AD to about 1250 AD, the temperature in the northern hemisphere increased
Gas trapped inside ice cores, used to determine past temperature
A warmer period between ice ages when ice retreats (melts back) towards the poles
All examples of historical sources
Long-term cooling of the Earth associated with the advance of significant ice volume towards the equator
A long cylinder of ice drilled out in Antarctica, Greenland and other ice sheets
Suggest that the climate was cold or dry in those years
Period of geological time spanning the past 2.588 million years
Suggest that the temperature was warm, or the years were wetter
Medial Warm Period
Glacial period
Ice core
Tree rings
Carbon dioxide
Narrow growth rings
Wide growth rings
Paintings, diaries and data sets

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