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Democracy refers to a political system in which power is held by the people. There are two primary types of democracy: representative democracy and democracy. In the first system, power is delegated to citizens who have been elected to make decisions on society's behalf. In the second system, decisions on specific issues are made by everybody. 

A democratic system can also be described based on how many people it seeks to represent. In a many different and diverse groups compete with one another to represent parts of the population in government. In a  the will of most of the people is primarily represented. The first system allows the voices of  to be heard better, while the second system is often accused of leading to a .

There are a number of key features of a democratic system. It must have  in order for people to accept the decisions that are made. One way to achieve this is through a high level of  among the population. Another way is to ensure there is  in relation to how decisions have been made. There must also be , meaning that representatives take responsibility for their decisions. Finally,  is also important in ensuing citizens are well informed when electing representatives or making decisions.

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