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A health foods company, Smoothie & Fresh, wants to promote a brand-new range of energy drinks. It has requested that you prepare several ideas for how to promote the new range of drinks. Before the campaign is planned out in its entirety, the client has asked you to create a series of pre-production documents to generate initial ideas.

The best pre-production document for jotting down initial ideas (before you and the client know exactly what you want to create) would be a . The main of this document is to generate a broad spectrum of ideas and to identify between these ideas.

The client wants to make a video advertisement for the energy drink that has a very distinct colour scheme and sense of style. Before any concrete plans are made, you can give the client an idea of how this advert might look by creating a . You and the client decide to make a digital mood board in order to draw from existing media products. If you were to produce a physical mood board, you would be unable to include . However, a digital mood board would not allow you to include .

The client decides that a print advertisement is needed to strengthen the campaign. She wants you to create a pre-production document that gives her an idea of what the advert will actually look like. Naturally, you decide to produce a .

In order to demonstrate your thought process, it is imperative that you include in your visualisation diagram. You should also include any relevant logos, images and informative text, collectively recognised as . The client also wants you to create a visualisation diagram for a related . You suggest that visualisation diagrams are not necessarily suitable for planning this kind of product and are better suited to static images. The client wants the text on the print advertisement to be visually appealing and appropriate for the target audience. is the word used to describe the style of font.

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