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Tatler magazine specifically targets between the ages of and 44 in the middle-upper-class bracket. It is an magazine with the central aim of providing this audience with the best advice in terms of , accessorising, lifestyle and the latest trends among the of Britain. The various elements of the cover work together to form a narrative based on fulfilment. The cover arguably contains classic character types identified by the theorist Vladimir . The , Georgina Bevan, acts as the of the narrative. By staring directly into the lens, Bevan positions the reader as the of the narrative, encouraging them to strive for her success. This is emphasised by the celebration and commendation of Bevan's image in the : 'She looks good in pearls'. The makes reference to 'Rules' that must be followed in order to achieve Bevan's social status. The implication is that these rules will help the hero on their journey to obtain a reward: encompassing the 'new posh' and becoming a respected member of high society.

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