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Physical and lifestyle factors

There may be some aspects of your physical and lifestyle circumstances which impact positively or negatively on your health and wellbeing.

One of the main physical factors that impacts your overall wellbeing is the set of you are born with. Depending on the hereditary characteristics you from your parents, you may develop a genetic health condition, such as , or be genetically certain conditions, such as or cancer.

Another major factor for someone’s overall wellbeing is the presence or absence of a health condition. Ill health can be (an illness which comes on suddenly and which has a short duration) or (an illness which lasts for a long period of time).

Lifestyle factors (sometimes called ‘’ factors) concern key areas of the way you live your life that directly impact your physical health as well as your broader wellbeing. The most significant lifestyle factors involve the quality of someone’s diet, how much they do, substance use, and personal .

Lifestyle factors are modifiable, which means that you have control over them. For example, you can decide whether to follow a healthy or an unhealthy diet, or whether or not you stop .

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