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Newspapers: Representation (Nov 2020 Resits) GapFill

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On 15 March, , civil war broke out in Syria leading to the deaths of hundreds and thousands of men, women and children. The conflict has forced 5.6 Syrians to flee the country and migrate elsewhere, leading to the most significant refugee crisis of recent years. Throughout 2015, European countries were beginning to struggle to cope with the large numbers of refugees seeking asylum. In September , the body of two-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a beach appeared on the front of newspapers causing shockwaves across Europe. front page the following day (set product) is significant for its highly personal and humane representation of and his family. Most newspapers preceded in a more sensational fashion emphasising the shocking imagery associated with Kurdi’s death. Unlike The Sun (which is owned by News Corp.) The Guardian is not owned by a group of and is therefore in a better position to release subtle journalism that doesn’t rely solely on making huge . On 23 January, 2013, David Cameron, the prime minister announced that he would grant the people of Britain a referendum to decide whether or not they wanted to leave the European Union. Despite the promise he made, Cameron was vocal about the fact that he wanted Britain to remain a part of the EU. Throughout its history, The Sun has wavered between supporting the Conservative party and supporting the party. In recent years The Sun has been highly critical of the EU and therefore, temporarily conservative in its values. The Sun’s front page from 18 December, 2013 (set product) was constructed as a result of a YouGov poll, as well as a poll by The Sun itself. Only 42% of British people responding to the YouGov poll declared that Britain should decide on the limits of immigration without interference from the EU. Neither of these results are referred to on the front page. Therefore, The Sun appears to be the views of the British people as it claims that they are unanimous in their opinion about immigration without visible proof. On account of this, many left-wing and politically central audiences accused The Sun of xenophobia.  

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