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One evening, in a  in , young Pip is confronted by the escaped convict Magwitch, who demands food and a  to free him from his leg irons. Pip obeys, and Magwitch keeps his secret when arrested. Later, Pip's  takes him to the house of Miss Havisham, where he meets Estella, with whom he falls in love. Pip hopes he will become Estella's wealthy suitor, but Miss Havisham only helps him to become a  in his family's business. After a difficult time in the forge of his , Joe, a period that includes a violent and later fatal assault on his , Pip learns that he has a secret benefactor and that he is to be educated in London. He believes that Miss Havisham has plans for his future marriage to Estella after all.

In London, he befriends Herbert Pocket, and they enjoy a largely carefree time until Magwitch reintroduces himself and reveals that he is Pip's benefactor. Feeling obliged to help Magwitch escape London, Pip learns of his past: his association with the villainous Compeyson, who once  Miss Havisham, and the fact that Magwitch is Estella's natural father. Miss Havisham has raised Estella to toy with men's affections as a type of revenge, and she apologises to Pip for the pain this has caused, not long before accidentally  herself, eventually causing her death.

After Pip is rescued from his sister's killer, Orlick, Magwitch fails in his escape but  his enemy Compeyson during the attempt; Magwitch is then sentenced to death. Pip is stripped of his fortune, but Joe comes to care for him when he becomes ill, bringing news from home about Orlick, Biddy and Miss Havisham. After failing in his bid to marry , Pip goes abroad with Herbert to work as a . On returning home  years later, Pip is reconciled with the widowed Estella, who owns the that belonged to Miss Havisham. 

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