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The novel opens with the letters written by Robert Walton to his sister describing his North Pole adventure. On the way he meets Victor Frankenstein, who, after being rescued from the ice, requires restoring to health.

Victor recounts his childhood and studies in natural philosophy and . Determined to find out the secret of life, he decides to create a being out of the body parts of the dead. However, repulsed by his creation, he abandons it.  takes care of Victor after a breakdown.

On deciding to go to Geneva, Victor receives a letter from his father about his brother’s murder. Heading home, he catches a glimpse of the monster in . Convinced that the monster is his brother’s murderer, Victor nonetheless does not intervene to save from being executed for the crime. 

A guilt-stricken Victor heads to the mountains in search of solitude. Here he unexpectedly meets the monster, who narrates its experiences up to this point, before convincing Victor to create a female companion for it. Victor heads to the to do the work, but ethical considerations force him to abandon the experiment and he flees. The furious monster vows to take revenge on Victor's .

Victor is then arrested for the murder of . He denies it, knowing the monster to be the culprit. After Victor marries Elizabeth, however, she too is murdered, on their wedding night. Following his father Alphonse’s subsequent death, Victor has lost all of his relatives, and he vows to find the monster and destroy it. He tracks it north, and is only thwarted in catching his creation when the ice breaks into pieces under him. Victor meets Walton at this point, relating his full story, before dying of an illness.

The monster arrives to pay its respects on learning of its creator’s death. It tells Walton about its intolerable existence, before heading away on the dark waters on to die. Walton abandons his .

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