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A1 Definitions of health and wellbeing Categorise

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Organise the items below into their correct category.


Feeling nervous as a result of anxiety from living in an unsafe area
Being socially integrated, meaning that you feel part of a community
Feeling happy and content after taking part in physical activity
Depression brought about by work-related stress
Experiencing chronic worry and apprehension over finances
Cardiovascular problems as a result of chronic exposure to polluted air
Experiencing fatigue, blurred vision and tingling feet as symptoms of type 2 diabetes
Being denied access to a group session because of your age
Feeling overwhelmed when dealing with a traumatic bereavement
Having many supportive friendships
Having supportive parents to encourage open-mindedness and positive learning experiences
An impairment of one or more of the senses, e.g. being blind
Experiencing learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia)
Feeling hopeless and sad after a separation
Experiencing a fever and cough after contracting COVID-19
Missing developmental opportunities at work due to having to take maternity leave when having a baby
Inheriting genes that increase the risk of developing cancer
Feeling excluded from a sport or an activity session due to barriers linked to your religion
Reduction in focus and concentration due to noise pollution
New skills and knowledge gained from starting a new job
Respiratory conditions as a result of living in a damp, mouldy environment
Living in an area close to friends and family, which makes it easier to see them
Heart rhythm abnormalities resulting form the misuse of opioids (e.g. painkillers)
Headaches, dizziness and pain as symptoms of stress

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