The Digital Revision Revolution:
The Benefits of Online Study Platforms


❶ Tracked progress

Progress Bar

The first benefit of online revision platforms is that you can track your progress every step of the way. From seeing which topics you have covered to checking out your results in each area, you know exactly where you are and what you have left to cover/improve. Not only this, but having a visual representation of your progress is highly motivating!

❷ Instant feedback

Feedback Stars

With online revision, there is no waiting for answers! As soon as you submit your responses, you can see how you did and work out what to improve! (The added bonus for your teachers here is: no marking!)

❸ Tailored difficulty

Tailored Suit

You can customise some online revision platforms by your targets. Difficulty can be adjusted based on the grade you are aiming for. No more breezing through work below your target level or straining at work that’s much too hard. Online revision platforms can set something up for you that is just right.

❹ All topics covered

Complete Cycle

The platform compiler can ensure that all the specification areas are covered so you don’t have to! It’s certainly a load off your mind to know that you haven’t missed anything out.

All the topics that you need to learn are in one place, which makes it so easy to plan your revision.

Student Standing Alone

❺ Independence

An online revision platform encourages independence and allows you to choose how you revise and when, with all the content ready for you.

As you progress in education, independent study skills are needed more and more, from GCSE to A Level to degree level. If you choose to go to university, you will be entirely responsible for your own studying, so learning these skills now is really important.

❻ Variation

Ball - Variety of Colours

Online revision platforms have a variety of different activity types (including exam practice questions). This will keep you engaged for longer and help more to sink in by making connections in the brain in different ways.

❼ Interactive, engaging

Mouse Pointer

Interactive activities make revision active, productive, engaging and… dare we say it? Even enjoyable!

Student Contemplating Problem

❽ Easy to identify problem areas

Once you’ve covered everything in your revision, it can sometimes be hard to know what to do next. What should you focus on? With an online platform, it is easy to identify your weakest areas, focus in on them and see your results improve!

Those are a few of the ways that we think online platforms revolutionise revision. What are some of your favourite things about revising online?

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