eRevision: putting Ofsted Criteria into Practice

The revised September 2019 Ofsted inspection framework places increased focus on the quality of curriculum, placing this front and centre of the 'quality of education' criteria. But how to turn good intentions into effective implementation when it comes to revision?

As Ofsted itself makes clear, key to a successful curriculum is 'ambitious intentions' which are 'coherently planned' and 'check learners' understanding systematically', all without creating 'unnecessary workload for staff'.

So, let's break it down. Just how does eRevision help your school to meet the Ofsted criteria?

Student jumping for joy
  1. Ambitious intentions: Differentiated content based on target grade tailors the material to individual students, with easy switch between grades for those students who want extra challenge. Features such as medals, trophies and leader boards motivate students, and the nine carefully designed activity types add huge novelty, promoting engagement.
  2. Coherently planned: Fully referenced to the relevant specification, students can be sure that they are practising the key material required, meaning eRevision easily fits into any Scheme of Work. Each exercise cumulatively repeats material across different challenge types, allowing students to systematically build knowledge.
  3. Check learners' understanding systematically: Instant feedback and allows for 3 times faster learning than traditional exercises, with a 3-try system to allow students to self-correct, learning from their errors and focussing their attention on the areas they need to improve.
  4. No unnecessary workload for staff: Easy to set up and manage, with progress mapping for students/parents and intuitive class tracking teachers – a constructive interactive homework with no teacher marking!
Student jumping for joySo, here's some ideas as to how eRevision can support teachers and school leaders in meeting Ofsted criteria without 'unnecessary workload' – we'd love to hear in the comments section how your school approaches revision and checking learner's understanding and what features you most value in online platforms for your students.