GCSE RS AQA A Component 2: Themes A–F

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Religious, Philosophical and Ethical Studies
Theme B: Religion and Life
Use and Abuse of Natural Resources
Sanctity/Quality of Life and Abortion
Theme C: Existence of God and Revelation
Arguments for the Existence of God
Arguments Against the Existence of God
Special Revelation and Enlightenment
Different Ideas about the Divine
Value of Revelation (General and Special)
Theme D: Religion, Peace and Conflict
Peace, Justice, Reconciliation, Violence, Terror
Reason for War and Just War Theory
Holy War and Pacifism
Nuclear War and Weapons of Mass Destruction
Peacemaking and Responses to War Victims
Theme E: Religion and Crime
Intentions, Actions and Reasons for Crime
Views about Breaking the Law and Types of Crime
Treatment of Criminals
Death Penalty and Related Ethical Issues


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