A Level Economics AQA (7136)

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3.1 The operation of markets and market failure
3.1.1 Economic methodology and the economic problem
3.1.2 Price determination in a competitive market
Determinants and elasticities of demand
Determinants and elasticities of supply
Interaction of supply and demand
3.1.3 Production, costs and revenue
3.1.4 Competitive and concentrated markets
Competitive markets
Business objectives
3.1.5 The market mechanism, market failure and government intervention in market
Government intervention
3.2 The national economy in a global context
3.2.1 & 3.2.3 Macroeconomic performance
3.2.4 Macroeconomic policy
Supply-side policies
4.1 Individuals, firms, markets and market failure (Year 2 content only)
Consumer behaviour (4.1.2)
Economic decision-making
Market structures (4.1.5)
Perfect competition
The labour market (4.1.6)
Poverty and inequality (4.1.7)
Market failure (4.1.8)
Government failure
4.2 The national and international economy (Year 2 content only)
Macroeconomic performance (4.2.1; 4.2.3)
How the macroeconomy works (4.2.2)
Macroeconomic policies (4.2.5)
Supply-side policies


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