BTEC Tech Creative Media Production Level 1/2 Component 1

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Component 1: Exploring Media Products
A1: Media Products, Audiences and Purpose
Researching Media Products and Practice (first teaching 2022)
Media Research Techniques (first teaching 2022)
Contemporary and Historical Media Products (first teaching 2022)
Audio / Moving Image / Publishing / Interactive Products (last assessment 2023)
Audience & Audience Interpretation (first teaching 2022)
Audience (last assessment 2023)
Context of Production / Purpose (first teaching 2022)
Purpose (last assessment 2023)
Audience Interpretation (first teaching 2022)
B1: Genre, Narrative and Representation
Narrative (first teaching 2022)
Narrative (last assessment 2023)
Representation (first teaching 2022)
Representation (last assessment 2023)
Audience Interpretation (last assessment 2023)
B2: Media Production Techniques
Audio / Moving Image Media Products (first teaching 2022)
Audio / Moving Image (last assessment 2023)
Print Media Products (first teaching 2022)
Publishing (last assessment 2023)
Interactive Media Products (first teaching 2022)
Interactive (last assessment 2023)


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