Package: GCSE Physical Education OCR (J587)

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Paper 1: Physical factors affecting performance
1.1 Applied anatomy and physiology
1.1.a. Structure and function of the skeletal system
1.1.b. Structure and function of the muscular system
1.1.c. Movement Analysis (Lever Systems)
1.1.c. Movement Analysis (Planes of movement and axes of rotation)
1.1.d. The structure and function of the cardiovascular system
1.1.d. The structure and function of the respiratory system
1.1.d. Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise
1.1.e. Effects of exercise on body systems
1.2 Physical training
1.2.b. Principles of training (and FITT elements)
1.2.b. Optimising training (Types of Training)
1.2.b. Optimising training (Warm-ups and cool-downs)
1.2.c. Prevention of Injury
Paper 2: Socio-cultural issues and sports psychology
2.1 Socio-cultural influences
2.1.a. Engagement patterns and current trends in physical activity and sport
2.1.b. Commercialisation of sport (sport, sponsorship and the media)
2.1.c. Ethical and socio-cultural issues in sport (Ethics and violence in sport)
2.1.c. Ethical and socio-cultural issues in sport (Drugs in sport)
2.2 Sports psychology
Characteristics and classification of skilful movements
Basic information processing (not in spec)
2.3 Health, fitness and well-being
Health, fitness and well-being

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