A Level Physics AQA (7408)

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3.1 Measurements and their errors
3.1 Measurements and their errors
SI units, measurements and physical quantities
3.2 Particles and radiation
3.2.1 Particles
3.2.1 Particles
3.2.2 EM radiation and quantum phenomena
EM radiation and quantum phenomena
3.3 Waves
3.3.1 Progressive and stationary waves
3.3.2 Refraction, diffraction and interference
Interference and diffraction
Refraction at a plane surface
3.4 Mechanics and materials
3.4.1 Force, energy and momentum
3.4.2 Materials
3.5 Electricity
Current electricity
Current, voltage and resistance
3.6 Further mechanics and thermal mechanics
3.6.1 Periodic motion
3.6.2 Thermal physics
3.7 Fields
3.7.2 Gravitational fields
3.7.3 Electric fields
3.7.4 Capacitance
3.7.5 Magnetic fields
3.8 Nuclear physics
3.8.1 Radioactivity

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