GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition AQA (8585)

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3.2 Food, Nutrition and Health
3.2.1 Macronutrients
3.2.2 Micronutrients
3.2.3 Nutritional needs and health Making informed choices How to carry out nutritional analysis
3.3 Food Science
3.3.1 Cooking of food and heat transfer Why food is cooked and how heat is transferred Selecting appropriate cooking methods
3.3.2 Functional and chemical properties of food
3.4 Food Safety
3.4.1 Food spoilage and contamination Microorganisms and enzymes and The signs of food spoilage Microorganisms in food production Bacterial contamination
3.4.2 Principles of food safety Buying and storing food Preparing, cooking and serving food
3.5 Food Choice
3.5.1 Factors affecting food choice Factors which influence food choice Food labelling and marketing influences
3.5.2 British and international cuisines
3.5.2 British and international cuisines
3.5.3 Sensory evaluation
3.6 Food Provenance
3.6.1 Environmental impact and sustainability Food and the environment Sustainability of food
3.6.2 Food processing and production Technological developments

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