GCSE English Language AQA

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Key Skills for GCSE English Language
Exam Overview
GCSE English Language Exam
Planning and Structure
Sentences and Paragraphs
Reading for Information and Ideas
The Writer's Viewpoint
Working with Texts: Paper 1: Fiction
Identifying and Selecting Information
Identifying and Selecting Information
Describing and Narrating
Using Language Effectively 2
Practice Exam Question
Working with Texts: Paper 2: Non-fiction
Text Types
Non-Fiction Text Types
Purpose, Audience and Form
Identifying and Selecting Information
Identifying and Selecting Information
Exam-style Question
Style and Register
Whole-texts: Non-Fiction
Comparing and Synthesising
Comparing Texts and Synthesising Ideas
Writing: Paper 1: Fiction
Exam Practice 1
Exam Practice 2
Exam Practice 1
Exam Practice 2
Writing: Paper 2: Non-Fiction
Leaflets and Travel Writing
Reports, Essays and Reviews

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